MATTER is a passion project of the same folks who boldly opened a science shop in the Bible Belt to promote evidence-based reasoning and inspire the next generation of thinkers. MATTER is for anyone who appreciates the vast scale and variety of our universe and the matter that makes up everything within it.


Having issues with your subscription? Think your product would be a good fit for MATTER? Feel free to send all inquiries to hello@boxofmatter.com.


Here are a few past boxes to give you an idea of what of items are in a typical MATTER box.

  • • Simulated Martian Regolith
  • • Lepidolite
  • • 100 million year old Spinosaurus tooth
  • • Neodymium magnets

  • • Labradorite
  • • Rattleback
  • • 65 million year old Mosasaurus tooth
  • • Cephalopod ink
  • • Jeweler's Loupe

  • • Bernoulli windbag
  • • Red aragonite
  • • 50 million year old fish fossil
  • • Fired bullet from the US Civil War
  • • 1 ounce of pure titanium