Answers to most questions about MATTER can be found below. Need to ask a different question? Email us at hello@boxofmatter.com.


MATTER is a science subscription box full of interesting items every month. Our small team of dedicated scientists and science enthusiasts scour the Earth to find only the most interesting items to send to our subscribers. Each month's box includes a small collection (usually about 5 items) with a retail value of ~$50, so you come out ahead no matter the length of your subscription. We always include a wide range of items—some man-made, some natural, some modern, some prehistoric—so there's sure to be something to spark anyone's curiosity. Plus, each item is paired with an information card describing the item, as well as some interesting properties about it. MATTER will only feature proven scientific facts—never pseudoscience . Plus, each box is curated to be purely scientific, without non-scientific "merchandise" (t-shirts, stickers, plush toys) like so many other boxes. 


MATTER is for anyone who enjoys being mentally stimulated. Being science enthusiasts ourselves, we strive to make a box that we would be excited to receive. Most science boxes are geared strictly toward kids, but ours is designed with adults in mind. Some concepts may need to be explained by an adult (i.e. aerogel, the lightest known solid material), and some items may become dangerous when handled incorrectly (i.e. obsidian is a naturally forming glass and can be quite sharp). For these reasons, we recommend MATTER for adults or children with adult guidance only. All items in our box come with an info card which can be used as a starting point for your independent research.


MATTER starts at $45 for a single month, and the price of each box drops for longer subscriptions. Shipping is an additional $3/month for subscribers within the US. We ship via USPS First Class to keep costs as low as possible and this shipping fee only partially covers that cost. Shipping to countries other that the US is calculated at checkout and we've tried to keep this cost as low as possible as well. International orders may take several more weeks to arrive. We also offer educational discounts for teachers and schools, feel free to send your POs to terry@boxofmatter.com.


We ship all boxes on the 4th day of each month (unless the 4th falls on a  Sunday or federal holiday, in which case they'll go out on the 5th). The cutoff for subscribing is the end of the previous month. For example, if you subscribe any day in November, your first subscription box will ship on December 4th. We ship via USPS First Class, so all subscribers within the US should receive their boxes within 3-5 days. International orders will take some time, possibly up to several weeks. You'll receive an email with a tracking code when your box ships.


We occasionally have some leftover items after shipping all subscriptions out. These can be purchased here. If you are interested in a particular item we've featured in a previous MATTER box, feel free to email terry@boxofmatter.com to see if we have any more available.